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Academy and part of a growing community of parkour and freerunning adherents in Vallejo.This discount shoes is one of the closest products to barefoot running that I have seen and would actually recommend to runners. It also has waffle technology on the bottom which gives it a good grip for trail running on dirt. I would be careful with super rocky surfaces, however because it requires your muscles to work more for stability rather than the shoe.
Testing the shoe out from a different approach than just distance and trail running is where I really grew to like this product. Just on the grass, I used the Cheap Nike Free to do typical running drills, jumps, squats and other exercises. It was really great for these things because of its incredible light weight and ability to allow my feet to naturally move. It fit snug with the FlyKnit technology and tight ankle band so that there was no extra movement inside.

When I first walked into spin class, I felt like an impostor. The room was adorned with neon lights, and remixed Beyonce tunes reverberated off the mirrored walls. I was surrounded by fast-moving women and men hurriedly setting up their equipment. Many were decked out in aerodynamic spandex, which threw me since I thought the bikes were stationary. Needless to say, I stood out in my Nike Free running shoes, mesh shorts and non-logoed undershirt.

a more broad range of uses. I think it may have a great place as an all around exercise shoe and excellent sprint shoe alternative to spikes. It allows you to use your body and leg muscles more naturally for movement, and also saves your feet and the track your running on more than a pair of metal spikes would. It could even be used for weightlifting and gym workouts. If people get past the “funky” look and tendency to say no to the unfamiliar, I think this shoe might really take off as a great all around free-moving product.

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